Therapy Animals in Memoriam

These are the beloved animal partners of Pet Partners volunteer teams that, during the month of July 2014, we learned had crossed the "Rainbow Bridge." Pet Partners is grateful for all that they gave of themselves to improve the health and well-being of the people that they visited.

Name Breed Handler State
Bailey Golden Retriever Amy McCullough Colorado
Baloo Newfoundland Pamela L. Kroll Wisconsin
Barney Golden Retriever Carol M. Rosen Connecticut
Baylor Chow Mix Sharon Leebl Arizona
Bella Boxer Brenda Reed Oregon
Bella Australian Shepherd Vivian B. Aiello Florida
Gumbo Greyhound Joan S. Speckin California
Hula Labrador Tina Jones Colorado
Jelly Golden Retriever Elle Kahler Colorado
Laddie Rough Collie Brooke Kowalski Tennessee
Missy Golden Retriever Barbara M. Lindberg Texas
Missy Golden Retriever Terri Rafter Illinois
Molly Great Pyrenees Linda J. Anderson Washington
Natalie Shetland Sheepdog Wendy Waddick Illinois
Orville Golden Retriever Michael Galuskin New York
Owen Newfoundland Alison J. Berlin Massachusetts
Pokey Jack Russell Chris A. Doyle Massachusetts
Pops Pug Peggy Mattingly Arizona
Riley Terrier Cross Diane McGuire Arizona
Sadie Basset Hound Debbi Y. Martin Tennessee
Sage Golden Retriever Bruce Aronson Montana
Whisper English Setter Naomi B. Vizena Michigan
Winnie Labrador Retriever Catherine Ward Nebraska
Zindel Retreiver mix Nicholas C. Contes California


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