Mission Committee Operational Teams

The Therapy Animal Program Advisory Team
supports the Pet Partner staff by assisting with a variety of tasks and projects, including:

  • Investigating incidents involving Pet Partners, Evaluators, Instructors and Evaluator Instructors and making recommendations for further education, retirement or other sanctions.
  • Promoting consistency in evaluations, and assisting Evaluators in properly accommodating handlers and animals who may have special needs.
  • Offering additional knowledge and expertise on animal behavior, animal-assisted activities, animal-assisted therapy and other areas.
  • Making recommendations for improvement to the program's education, policies and procedures.
  • Implementing Therapy Animal Program operational changes recommended by the Mission Task Force.
  • Other special tasks as requested.
To contact the Therapy Animal Program Advisory Team, please e-mail tapat@petpartners.org. A Pet Partners Therapy Animal Program staff member and a member of the Advisory Team will review your e-mail.


Curriculum Development Team (CDT)

The Curriculum Development Team is a group of therapy animal subject matter experts who support the creation and revision of training products offered by Pet Partners. They assist in the following ways:

  • Reviewing and making suggestions to existing training to keep content current and relevant to Pet Partners Therapy Animal Teams
  • Acting as subject matter experts in the development of new curricula
  • Making recommendations for the long term direction of training at Pet Partners
  • Special projects as needed in Program Development

Research, Medical Advisory, Public Policy Team (R-MAPP)

The Research, Medical Advisory and Public Policy Team is a group of veterinary medical professionals who serve in an advisory capacity when questions of policy regarding health and safety arise for our Therapy Animal Teams. They assist in the following ways:

  • Advising Pet Partners on policy regarding issues of health and behavior requirements for therapy animals
  • Drafting opinions regarding relevant topics for AAT
  • Other special tasks as needed

Mission Committee
Operational Teams:

Therapy Animal Program
Advisory Team (TAPAT)

Lynn Malayter, Chair – WI
Carol Ouhl – MN
Ken McCort - OH
Christiana Melton – MA
Kevin England – RI
Jan Stice - VA
Claire Peel – TX
JoAnn Spencer - AZ

Curriculum Development
Team (CDT)

Heddie Leger, Chair – MO
Christi Dudzik – WA
Gail Melson – IN
Phil Arkow – NJ
Tanya (Welsch) Bailey – MN
Ray Ward - OH
Amy Johnson - MI
George Moore - IN
Jan Vincent - CA
Linda Nebbe - IA
Lori Morgan - OH
Shelley McDermott-Wadsworth - IN
Stephanie LaFarge - IL

Research, Medical Advisory,
Public Policy Team (R-MAPP)

Scott Weese, Chair – Canada
Deirdre Chiaramonte - NY
AP Davidson - CA
Michael Lappin –  CO
Gregg Takashima – OR



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