About Us

Our SocietyPet Partners is a non-profit organization that brings individuals together who share a common passion - a love of animals and people.  We are committed to making a difference within our local communities and across the globe.  Throughout this website, you'll have the opportunity to meet many of our members.   If you are already involved with Pet Partners, THANK YOU for your support.  If you are just learning about Pet Partners, we welcome you to join us.  Together we change lives!

Myth:  Pet Partners is an animal-organization similar to a humane society.
Truth: Pet Partners is a human-services organization dedicated to improving people's health and well-being.  We do this through positive interactions with animals.

Our Vision

People are healthier and happier because companion, service and therapy animals enrich and positively impact their everyday lives.

Our Mission

Pet Partners is the leader in demonstrating and promoting positive human-animal interactions to improve the physical, emotional and psychological lives of those we serve.

To achieve our mission we will:

  • Educate healthcare and other professionals on how to incorporate animals into goal-directed treatment or visiting animal activities to improve the lives of those they serve.

  • Provide 'gold standard' therapy animal curriculum and training and inspire people to volunteer with their pets in their local communities.

  • Empower individuals with disabilities to maximize their quality of life by providing service animal related information and resources.

  • Advance knowledge about research which reflects how interactions with animals have a positive effect on human lives.



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