Library: Health Benefits of Animals for Families

Updated 01/24/2013 (* denotes newest articles)


Pet Ownership as a Protective Factor Supporting the Emotional Well-Being of Cancer Patients and Their Family Members. Victoria H. Raveis, et al. 

Pets in the American Family. Kris Bulcroft.


* The Role of Pets in the Family Systems of Children from Diverse Cultures in the US. Brinda Jegatheesan1, Jennie Warmouth1, Emma Elliott1, Soleil Boyd1, Aishah Jalani2, Sayaka Omori1, Sandra McCune3

1University of Washington, Seattle, Washington, USA.
2Medina Academy, Seattle, Washington, USA.
3WALTHAM Centre for Pet Nutrition, UK.

* Family Dog Ownership and Levels of Physical Activity in Childhood: Findings from the Child Heart and Health Study in England. Owen, Christopher G.; Nightingale, Claire M.; Rudnicka, Alicja R.; Ekelund, Ulf; McMinn, Alison M.; van Sluijs, Esther M. F; Griffin, Simon J.; Cook, Derek G.; Whincup, Peter H. American Journal of Public Health. 2010 Sep; 100(9): 1669-1671.

Pets in the Family: Practical Approaches. Hodgson, Kate; Darling, Marcia. Journal of the American Animal Hospital Association. 2011 Sep-Oct; 47(5): 299-305.

The Positive Influence of Dogs on Children in Divorce Crises from the Mother's Perspective and of the Child-Dog Relationship from the Child's Perspective. Tanja Hoff, Dipl-Psych., Reinhold Bergler, Prof. Dr. 

Pets as Sources of Support for Mothers, Fathers and Young Children. Gail F. Melson, Rona Schwartz, and Alan Beck. 

The Relationship Between Companion Animals, Caregivers, and Family Functioning. S.L. Triebenbacher, C.C. Wilson, and G. Fuller.


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