Therapy Animals in Memoriam

These are the beloved animal partners of Pet Partners volunteer teams that, during the month of December 2014, we learned had crossed the "Rainbow Bridge." Pet Partners is grateful for all that they gave of themselves to improve the health and well-being of the people that they visited.

Name Breed Handler State
Aubrey Australian Shepherd Bryan G. Nelson Iowa
Belle Golden Retriever Judith W. Landau Georgia
Bentley English Bulldog Pat Miya Washington
Boone Aussie Mix Linda Campbell Texas
Bruce Pomeranian Susanne J. Wollman Minnesota
Buddy Whippet Karrilynn A. Stachowicz Illinois
Buddy Shih Tzu Linda Sheltry New Hampshire
Buddy Miniature Horse Jennifer Rogers New York
Caesar Labradoodle Eileen Pedrosa New York
Charley Labrador Retriever Mix Cindy Rogers Mississippi
Cider Golden Retriever Kim Delfing Ohio
Dexter Golden Retriever DiAnne Brown California
Diva Schipperke Louise Ciarleglio Arizona
Dory Labrador Retriever David Holewinski Minnesota
Luath Greyhound Christie Vereide Minnesota
LuLu Golden Retriever DiAnne Brown California
Maia Golden Retriever Bunny H. Frost Texas
Marley (Nov.) Golden Retriever Sherry McCabe Washington
Mia Golden Retriever Sarah O. Gardner New Hampshire
Nellie Lab Mix Kristen D. Heller Colorado
Nemo Italian Greyhound Amy Shaw New York
Newt Standard Poodle Pat Turnage Texas
Nutmeg Shetland Sheepdog Karen Click Illinois
Roosevelt Golden Retriever Margaret Brindley Wisconsin
Scooter German Shorthaired Pointer Ellen K. Mazur North Carolina
Scout Flat Coated Retriever Elizabeth Zott Illinois
Shade Blue Merle Collie Linda Chiaramonte Illinois
Solovino Border Collie Mix Susan Ribnick Texas
Tater French Bulldog Tracy Kinney Ohio
Tex Black Labrador Retriever Jennifer Voss Illinois
Vinny Golden Retriever Pat Cotro-Antin California
Yaz Greyhound Karrilynn A. Stachowicz Illinois


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