Therapy Animals in Memoriam

These are the beloved animal partners of Pet Partners volunteer teams that, during the month of January 2015, we learned had crossed the "Rainbow Bridge." Pet Partners is grateful for all that they gave of themselves to improve the health and well-being of the people that they visited.

Name Breed Handler State
Abby Golden Retriever Geri Sullivan Nevada
Anna Golden Retriever Patricia Almeda Pennsylvania
Anya Standard Poodle Meredith Krause Virginia
Becky Pointer Ann P. Duffin Oregon
Billy (Dec.) Golden Retriever Cindy Mahoney Colorado
Chili Afghan Hound Mary Sonnen Minnesota
Cruz Australian Shepherd Al and Mary Shadbourne California
Dasher Shetland Sheepdog Annette DesLauriers Minnesota
Gracie Greyhound Susan McLaughlin California
Jake Cockapoo Gina A. McHugh Illinois
Kayla Hound Mix Barbara J. Hatcher New York
Kayley Cocker Spaniel Judith J. Werner Illinois
Koda English Springer Spaniel Karla D. Holt Colorado
Lucy Mixed breed dog Eileen G. Roston Minnesota
Lumber Newfoundland Christine A. Palmer Rhode Island
Nugget Golden Retriever Nancy E. Scott Virginia
Ontaro Golden Retriever Linda Helms Arizona
Othello German Shepherd Laura Pavlech Rhode Island
Pancake Rex rabbit Kristin Woodbury California
Parker Domestic Short Hair Cat Julia R. Pesek Massachusetts
Red Greyhound Laura Dornhecker Ohio
Reggie Great Pyrenees Ruth Carnes Ohio
Riesling Labrador Retriever Amanda Singer Texas
Roscoe Greyhound Deborah Wnuk Arizona
Sadie Golden Retriever Jacki Keating Montana
Sarge German Shepherd  Mix Cathleen Hess New York
Shadow Cocker Spaniel Mark Rhodes Ohio
Sophie Golden Retriever Jacki Keating Montana
Sophie Toy Poodle Lauren Wellen Illinois
Strider Golden Retriever Michele Loe California
Sunnie Golden Retriever Lyn Findley Montana
Tani Smooth Collie Gail F. Thompson Pennsylvania
Tucker Whippet Susan Banks Virginia
Twinkie Pug Eileen Domnitz New York
Tycho Boxer Janet Doerr Illinois
Willow Golden Retriever James P. Cramer Montana


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