Therapy Animals in Memoriam

These are the beloved animal partners of Pet Partners volunteer teams that, during the month of April 2015, we learned had crossed the "Rainbow Bridge." Pet Partners is grateful for all that they gave of themselves to improve the health and well-being of the people that they visited.

Name Breed Handler State
Abby Lab Mix Audrey Gooder Utah
Beau Lab Jean Coyne Florida
Bristles Newfoundland Darlene D. Rattner Illinois
Cheerio Rabbit Kristie Miller North Carolina
Cloudy Mixed breed dog Eva-Lynn Podietz New York
Codie Golden Retriever Sherridan Olsen Utah
Cody Golden Retriever Lora Saunders Florida
Dixie Mixed breed dog Katherine Gilbert Florida
Finnegan Wheaten Terrier Robert Henderson Iowa
Gandolf Maine Coon Marilyn Mattei-Rabenhorst New Jersey
Ginger Papillion Mix Lani Chin California
Jitterbug Tibetan Spaniel Maryanne Dell California
Louie Beagle Mix Clementine Fujimura Maryland
Louis French Bulldog Monica L. Rosner Florida
M.G. Shih Tzu Burton Goldstein Maryland
Maggie Mae Golden Retriever Mix Shirley E. Roux Florida
Marco Pembroke Welsh Corgi Judith Fagan Washington
Morris DSH Elizabeth Tull Florida
Pimba Aussie Beverly A. Bakeman Washington
Rhett Rough Collie Donna Konuch Florida
Rocky Yorkie Wilma Meister Arizona
Roscoe Lab Mix Patty & Chuck B. Mitchell Florida
Sasha Shepherd Mix Chris N. Hansen Colorado
Summer Miniature Horse Linda A. Vataha Arizona
Toby Tyler Terrier Mix Marian D. Evans Utah
Tucker Cockapoo Cindy B. Squire Massachusetts




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