National Team Evaluator Advisory Council

National Team Evaluator Advisory Council members will use their expertise to advise, support and enhance Licensed Evaluators in Pet Partners® Therapy Animal Program. All council members are volunteers.

In Spring 2009, the National Team Evaluator Advisory Council was formed to be an additional resource of knowledge and expertise for all matters related to Team Evaluators. Members of the Advisory Council will assess the Team Evaluator Program and make recommendations for improvement. This includes identifying additional support and opportunities, and recommending professional growth for Team Evaluators.

The National Team Evaluator Advisory Council will initially focus on these tasks:

  • Reviewing, assessing, and piloting new equipment.
  • Assessing other types of handler/animal accommodations for the therapy animal program skills and aptitudes tests.
  • Reviewing and revising the Team Evaluator Species Behavior Packets
  • Making recommendations for Team Evaluator Species Modules for both current and new Evaluators wishing to evaluate other species.
  • Reviewing Team Evaluator issues, incidents and unusual occurrences and recommending courses of action based on Team Evaluator policies and procedures.

The National Team Evaluator Advisory Council works with Therapy Animal Program staff to review and revise existing Team Evaluator educational materials. Members also research and suggest articles for Pet Partners' National Team Evaluator E-Newsletter.

The National Team Evaluator Advisory Council will work with other Pet Partners' committees to promote cohesiveness and collaboration between programs and services.

To contact the National Team Evaluator Advisory Council, please e-mail A Pet Partners Therapy Animal Program staff member and a member of the Advisory Council will review your e-mail.

Team Evaluator
Advisory Council Members

Lynn Malayter, WI
Teoti Anderson, SC

Kevin England, RI
Ken McCort, OH
Christiana Melton, MA
Carol Ouhl, MN
Claire Peel, AL
JoAnn Spencer, AZ
Jan Stice, VA
Julie Yoder, KS


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