If you reside in Canada or a U.S. territory, your involvement with Pet Partners would be considered part of our domestic program.  This information does not apply to you. Please visit Volunteer with Pet Partners for information on how to register with Pet Partners.

Thanks to generous support from Elanco Animal Health, through funding provided by the Eli Lilly and Company Foundation, Pet Partners is exploring the possibility of expanding the Therapy Animal Program internationally.  At this time, we are piloting that expansion in the following select countries:

  • Argentina
  • Australia
  • Colombia
  • Hong Kong
  • India
  • Japan
  • Poland
  • Romania
  • South Korea
  • Spain
  • Switzerland

All Pet Partners teams must participate in an in-person evaluation conducted by an international team evaluator; if your country is not listed above, there are currently no options to become a Pet Partners team.

Interested in having Pet Partners operate in your country or region? Please Contact Us to express interest. Be aware that demand is high and additional countries or regions will be added at Pet Partners’ discretion.

Key Differences

For the international pilot program, Pet Partners has made a few intentional changes from our domestic operations.  Prospective international volunteers should take note of the following differences:

  • Canine teams only.
  • International teams are not covered by Pet Partners insurance.
  • Outcomes of the evaluation are Pass, Not Ready, or Not Appropriate. Passing scores are not differentiated by a qualification rating.
  • Accommodations are not available as widely.
  • International handlers must complete the following courses online prior to evaluation: Handler Course, Canine Body Language, and Infection Prevention and Control.
  • Pet Partners does not have extensive resources outside the United States; support in finding volunteer opportunities and hosting facilities will be limited.
  • International team evaluators may conduct evaluations in any language; however, all coursework and supporting materials are in English.

Visit the international handler FAQ for additional detail.

Become a Pet Partners International Handler

Registering as a Pet Partners team does require an in-person team evaluation, which is currently available in pilot countries on a limited basis. To register as an international team with Pet Partners, you will follow these steps:

  • Review Program Requirements (recognizing the key differences as described above) and Volunteer Policies.
  • Create a Volunteer Center account and begin a registration under My Registrations.
  • Prior to paying for coursework, confirm there is an evaluation scheduled in your area by consulting our calendar of events. Select your country from the “State” option in the upper left, then click the “Apply Filters” button on the upper right. If your country is not listed, Pet Partners is not yet active in your country.
  • Complete your online coursework.
  • Schedule and pass your in-person team evaluation.
  • Submit your final registration materials online, including payment.

Become a Pet Partners International Team Evaluator

Becoming a team evaluator requires an in-person training and assessment component. The in-person team evaluator assessment is not yet widely available.  Please Contact Us for information about applying to become an international team evaluator. We require that potential evaluator candidates have the following:

  • Professional or extensive volunteer experience working with animals, perhaps as a trainer, veterinarian, researcher, or advocate; ideally, evaluators will have visited clients/patients with their animals in a therapeutic capacity.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of canine body language.
  • Willingness to be an ambassador for Pet Partners, as well as a leader and organizer for operations in your country/region.