We hope you enjoyed the 2019 Pet Partners Conference, Partnering with a Purpose!

We were proud to present exceptional speakers on a variety of AAI topics. Many of those speakers have offered to make a PDF of their presentations available which are linked below. More may follow in the next few days.

The Pet Partners Animal-Assisted Crisis Response (AACR) program was also announced at the close of the conference. To learn more about how therapy animal teams can provide emotional comfort and support to people affected by the impacts of crisis events, please visit our AACR page.

Conference Resources

Amy Showalter, Grassroots Advocacy Activities that are Safe for Everyday Use

Angel May, How Therapy Teams are Critical for a Better Future

Brandon Fuller, Promoting Therapy Animal Standards in Your State

Cynthia Chandler, The Science of Significant Human-Animal Relational Moments

Gina Fisher, Animal Assisted Interventions: Motivate and Advocate

Leslie Stewart, Animal Assisted Crisis Response

Lisa Zeiner, Being the Best for Your Pet

Mary Craig, Preparing for Retirement: Signs to Look for in Senior Therapy Animals

MaryJo Gilmer, Sit.Stay.Heal.

Megan Mueller, Human-Animal Interaction and Positive Youth Development

Melissa Winkle, Relationship Development & Healthy Interactions for Both Ends of the Leash

Michael Cyrino & Det. Shawn Degan, Paw-sibility: Innovation in Law Enforcement Crisis Service Delivery

Nancy Gee, Do Animal Make Us Smarter?

Peter Canning & Jesse Haas, Volunteer Leadership: Becoming a Pet Partners Team Evaluator

Randy Barker, Enhancing Our Active Listening & Empathy Skills

Sandy Barker, Animal-Assisted Interventions in Hospitals

Taylor Chastain, Standards Represented in AAI Research

Traci Pryor, National Signature Events

Traci Pryor, Pet Partners Community Expansion

Zenny Ng, Assisting the Animal in Animal-Assisted Interventions

Panel Discussion: Global Perspectives in AAI

Our next conference will be held in Fall 2021 in Chicago, Illinois!