Pet Partners Pet of the Year February 1-March 15 2022

A New Signature Fundraising Event: Pet Partners Pet of the Year

January 5, 2022

Does your dog stand out from the rest of the pack? Is your feline friend known for their amazing cat-itude? Perhaps your horse is ready to gallop into a new role. Pet Partners is pleased to announce a new signature fundraising event that celebrates all of the amazing pets that enrich our lives: We are seeking pets to take part in a six-week fundraising competition for the title of 2022 Pet Partners Pet of the Year!

Pet Partners Pet of the Year February 1-March 15 2022

This exciting six-week fundraising competition is a perfect way to celebrate your best friend while supporting a great cause. Funds raised by pet candidates (with help from their favorite humans) will support the Pet Partners Therapy Animal Program. This amazing program brings unconditional love, happiness, and healing to millions of seniors, patients, veterans, and children in need all around the world each year.

The national title of Pet Partners Pet of the Year is awarded to the pet whose fundraising team raises the most funds during the six-week competition. The winner and runner up will be crowned at the close of the competition and awarded an exciting variety of prizes for their efforts, including appearing on the cover of Interactions magazine and airfare to a destination of your choice.

Some of the prizes available for Pet of the Year winner

The IRS requires that we report the value of some prizes and prizes may be considered taxable income.  We encourage winners to consult with their tax advisor.

The Details

The inaugural 2022 Pet of the Year event will kick off on February 1, and will run through midnight Pacific time on March 15. Our winner will be announced during a virtual event on March 16.

During the six-week fundraising competition, pet candidates (with help from the humans who love them) will raise funds in support of the Pet Partners Therapy Animal Program.

Any pet can be a candidate—all species are welcome, and candidates aren’t required to be registered therapy animals. This diversity helps demonstrate the wide range of pets who make a difference for people every day. Of course your dog, cat, or horse can be a candidate—but so can your pig, or rat, or parakeet, or hedgehog, or bearded dragon! The goal of this event is to celebrate all types of pets, so any pet who has brought joy to your life can participate.

Nominations are open for Pet Partners Pet of the Year!

Nominate your own pet as a candidate, or nominate someone else’s pet who has touched your life in some way: fill out our online nomination form, and we will connect with your nominee to encourage their participation.

Please join us for a special Facebook Live event to learn more on Monday, January 10 at 3 p.m. ET/Noon PT. Radio personality and pet expert Steve Dale will host an interview with Ashley Drew and Traci Pryor of Pet Partners to answer questions and provide more info, including how to participate, an overview of the prizes, and why we’re launching this special new signature fundraising event.

The Importance of Pets and Pet of the Year

The Pet Partners mission is to improve human health and well-being through the human-animal bond. And that starts with the bonds people have with their cherished pets. Whether it’s someone volunteering with their own loving pet as a therapy animal team, or a pet who brings smiles and comfort to the person they live with, our pets make a huge difference in our lives, and our work is possible because of this profound bond. With Pet of the Year, we have an opportunity to celebrate how important pets are to the people whose lives they share, and to support the vital work of bringing more therapy animal visits to people who can benefit.

Pet Partners Therapy Animal Program

The funds raised through Pet Partners Pet of the Year will support our Therapy Animal Program, helping us register more therapy animal teams, train more volunteers, and bring more therapy animal visits to people who can benefit from the power of the human-animal bond. The demand for therapy animal visits is growing all the time, especially as we continue to deal with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the need for the benefits provided by therapy animals is critical. Raising funds through Pet of the Year not only celebrates all of the amazing pets who share our lives, but makes it possible for even more people to experience the love of a pet through a therapy animal visit.

Get Involved

It’s easy to get involved with Pet Partners Pet of the Year, whether you want to nominate a candidate, head a fundraising team, sponsor the event, or donate to a candidate. Just visit our Pet of the Year website to learn more.

Help us make 2022 a fantastic year for all pets and all people who love them, as well as bringing therapy animal visits to even more people. Join us for Pet Partners Pet of the Year!

A golden retriever daydreams about winning a crown

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