Pet Partners Cancer Care Fund Beneficiaries

Originally published June 12, 2018; updated November 2022

#NationalPetCancerAwarenessMonth is a valuable observance bringing awareness to the issue of cancer in pets and treatment for pet cancer. The Pet Partners Cancer Care Fund helps provide for therapy animals and their families while they seek cancer treatment. Below are the stories of two registered therapy animal teams who were able to continue their community volunteer work thanks to the aid received.

Cyndi and Jack

“Jack and I volunteer at several nursing homes, at local universities during finals week, co-presents at conferences and he works alongside me where I work. When Jack was diagnosed with cancer we were shocked. The staff at Pet Partners were helpful and compassionate during this time. The fact that the Cancer Care Fund was available eased our minds knowing we could focus on getting him healthy. Jack is cancer free and happily back to work.”

Sadly, Jack passed away in June 2021. But the Cancer Care Fund allowed him three more years of work as a therapy dog, bringing joy and comfort to everyone he visited with and especially people receiving treatment for cancer. Read our tribute to Jack.

Jenny and Chase

Pet Partners therapy dog Chase’s story has been inspiring since the very beginning. Chase was rescued from an abusive man and became a part of Jenny’s family in 2006. Jenny and Chase became a registered therapy team through Pet Partners and began helping children learn to read at their local library. Chase survived colon cancer in 2013, which was expensive for his family. In 2017, when Chase was diagnosed with cancer again, the Pet Partners Cancer Care Fund helped cover the cost of Chase’s surgery. After surgery, Chase had to wear a splint, but he did well and returned to the library helping kids learn to read.

Chase passed away in February 2021, but thanks to the Cancer Care Fund he was able to spend three additional years helping children with their reading skills.