Buc is a five-year-old miniature therapy horse registered through Pet Partners. He was recently featured several times by different TV stations in Jacksonville, Florida because of his amazing story. Besides being great at what he does, his history brings a whole new perspective to his work. Buc suffered a near-fatal injury to his leg going between two gates. He got a rope wrapped around his leg and it pulled his foot completely off. Vets gave Buc a 10 percent chance of surviving, but after a year in a prosthetic, his foot actually grew back. He now runs, kicks and bucks as he used too — giving his handlers Dale and Chris Dunn a chance to give back.

Buc makes regular visits to the children of Nemours Specialty Hospital in Jacksonville. It’s breathtaking to see the connection that children and adults have with him. Many of them are in the same boat, so to speak, and can appreciate the similarity of circumstances. He has that same effect at all the locations he visits.

“It’s great that Buc has a prosthetic so people can see when he had an accident early in life that it helped him get back to being functional, and it’s the same thing for these kids,” said Michal Wright, director of prosthetics at Nemours.

Buc is the second therapy miniature horse at Nemours. The hospital is currently looking at expanding the program.

Story submitted by Bunnie Look – Pet Partners Team Evaluator