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Passionate about the human-animal bond? Want to provide the best animal-assisted interventions for clients? Committed to your animal’s welfare at all times? Interested in learning more about therapy animal visitation?

Pet Partners understands that the best therapy animal visits are facilitated by a well-trained and professional handler who is there to ensure a safe and positive experience for all those involved. Whether you’re interested in learning more about your dog or the basics of therapy animal visitation, you’ll find professional, rigorous materials created with the support of animal behaviorists, veterinarians, medical professionals and volunteers with years of experience.

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NEW OFFERING – Infection Prevention & Control & Canine Body Language Course’s Bundle Deal

Keep your pet and yourself safe by taking our Canine Body Language course and SHEA endorsed Infection Prevention and Control Course! We are currently offering an amazing bundle deal that makes it even easier to ensure safe and effective Human-Animal Interactions.

Infection Prevention & Control 

Designed to meet the requirements as published in 2015 by The Society for Healthcare Epidemiology of America (SHEA), this course covers zoonotic diseases as well as training on standard precautions including hand hygiene and self-screening for human symptoms. Reviewed by members of SHEA, the CDC and leading veterinarians, the content is appropriate for all therapy animal handlers, both new and existing, as well as facility staff and volunteer coordinators.  $45 for the general public.  $20 for registered Pet Partners volunteers.

Canine Body Language

Ever wonder what your dog was trying to tell you? In therapy animal visitation, it’s not just something that would be nice to know – it’s absolutely essential! In this 90 minute course, learn what cues to look for in different regions of your dog’s body so you can support your animal. Learn through scenarios of therapy animals on visits and test your knowledge with an end of course assessment. $45 for the general public.  $20 for registered Pet Partners volunteers.


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