Donating Evaluation Space

Thank you for interest in providing space for Pet Partners team evaluations!

Hosting a therapy animal team evaluation isn’t just a community service—it also allows you to become acquainted with your local Pet Partners volunteers and can help in setting up therapy animal visiting programs at a facility.

We’re looking for both indoor and outdoor locations that can accommodate our evaluation requirements and the nine types of animals we register. Here are the requirements for what we’re seeking.

Indoor space

  • A minimum of 400 square feet of open space that is easily accessible according to ADA guidelines, along with a separate area for the neutral dog team to wait.
  • A non-slick floor is preferred.
  • Also needed is an easily accessible area for animals to relieve themselves.
  • Examples of suitable locations include a conference room or classroom, a warehouse, or a gym. (Private spaces such as homes are not allowed, due to insurance concerns.)

An evaluation of a therapy llama team indoors

Outdoor space

  • A large open area with a hard surface; a grass surface is not allowed for the evaluation space.
  • Ideally somewhat secluded or hidden from public viewing.
  • Some type of cover is preferred to shield the participants from strong sun or inclement weather.
  • Access to lavatory facilities is also needed.
  • Examples of suitable locations include a parking garage or parking lot, a covered portico, a gazebo, or a courtyard. (Private spaces such as homes are not allowed, due to insurance concerns.)

A therapy dog team at an outdoor evaluation

Pet Partners offers an in-kind donation form at a value of up to $150.00 for donations of space.

If you have a suitable space available and would like to support our mission by hosting team evaluations, please contact us for more information. And thank you for your support of Pet Partners!