Deb & Kenzie: From Fear to Love

Kenzie was a very special therapy animal.

She had been a puppy mill mama for four years before I rescued her. The first year I had her, she was very afraid: of people, of going places, of noises, of most everything.

But as she had more experiences, she gained confidence. And as she gained confidence, she started showing her love of people, especially kids. She was a natural therapy dog from that point on. I recall people who knew her early on asking if she was the same dog!

Her favorite places to visit were – well, anywhere. She LOVED the Read With Me program at several of our local libraries. She also especially loved visits at schools. The more kids petting her at once – the merrier.

We all miss Kenzie so much. That pup had attitude – a great one!

Her (adoptive) sister Caleigh is also a therapy animal. Here is a pic of Kenzie in her stroller on a walk a few years ago. Caleigh is walking in the snow beside her.

—submitted by handler Deb Theisen