Dobies Who Made a Difference

Mark Nowak was a handler with his two Doberman pinschers, Spock and Eva. He and Spock registered in 2018, and he and Eva registered in 2019. Both dogs had entered their golden years by the time they registered, but that didn’t stop them from making a difference for students and older adults in their community.

A male Doberman pinscher sitting in front of a man who is holding the dog's leash

Mark and Spock

“The Read With Me and college de-stress visit events were extremely enjoyable for both handler and dogs,” Mark wrote. “Both Dobies also made monthly visits to our local senior center.”

A man holding a female Doberman pinscher

Mark and Eva

Sadly, Mark lost both dogs after only a couple of years of service; Spock passed away in September 2020, while Eva crossed the rainbow bridge in March 2021. But he is grateful for the opportunity to share them with others and see the impact they had on people.

“Thanks to Pet Partners for making the last two years for Eva and Spock very fulfilling for them and myself in the Therapy Animal Program,” Mark said in his heartfelt message. Between them, Spock and Eva made more than 80 visits, with more than 100 hours of service helping their community and hundreds of people visited.

Mark is still dedicated to serving his community through AAI. “I hope to get another young Doberman in the not-too-distant future, one with the temperament to be a Pet Partners therapy dog, like Spock and Eva had,” he said. “And he will be young so his therapy career can be a long one, this time!”