AnnRené & Jasmine: One Last Walk in Honor of Six Years of Work

A smiling dark-haired woman holds a small red-coated miniature dachshund

I am saddened to share that our Princess Jasmine (miniature short-haired red dachshund), age 13, went to heaven on September 16, 2021, after a diagnosis of liver cancer given in February 2021.

Our veterinary clinic provided us with a list of providers to select from for pet home hospice. We contracted with Lap of Love Hospice Veterinarians and the vet came to our home and Jasmine went to heaven peacefully and without pain, and in our arms.

Our veterinary clinic, Redmond Fall City Animal Hospital, also recommended Pet Partners to me when Jasmine was a puppy, in 2011. When I finished my doctorate, the Pet Partners training was my first class—an entire day at the Bellevue office. It took me almost a year to teach Jasmine the few skills that she needed to learn so that we could pass the evaluation. It was all worth it and a priceless experience for both of us, as well as for all who we provided providing animal-assisted interventions (AAI) to in the six years of our registration as a Pet Partners team.

Jasmine and I were a Pet Partners team since 2015. We interacted with a logged 4,865 people during our years of service as a Pet Partners team. We loved being a Pet Partners team, and Jasmine was active up until her last breath, her last interaction being with the hospice vet.

A woman holding a dachshund puppet that is wearing a World's Largest Pet Walk walker bib, which says, "I am walking with my husband Lee in honor of our dachshund Jasmine. We were a Pet Partners team for 6 years."

We were registered for the 4th annual World’s Largest Pet Walk, and walked in at least two of the previous events together. I walked in honor of Jasmine this year. We made our pledge of $100.00 for Pet Partners. I put the scarf and walker bib on our dachshund puppet (same size as Jasmine), wore my T-shirt, and walked the route in our neighborhood that we walked in previous years. We also often walked with the WoofTrax app for Pet Partners for many years.

A woman wearing a World's Largest Pet Walk T-shirt and carrying a dachshund puppet that is wearing a World's Largest Pet Walk walker bib.

Jasmine’s passing has been especially difficult for me, as she was my constant companion in my personal and professional endeavors for the past 10 years, including the six years as a Pet Partners team.

We are missing her terribly, and we will miss the incredible experience of bringing joy to strangers as an AAI team wherever we went. The entire experience with Pet Partners was life transforming for both of us.

We remember Jasmine with joy, thanksgiving, and gratitude for the incredible blessing she was to us and to all.

—submitted by Dr. AnnRené Joseph