Alex & Hirschey: A Small Dog’s Big Impact

After battling liver cancer valiantly, with strength and a never-give-up attitude for the past eight months, Hirschey crossed the Rainbow Bridge on August 7, 2019 peacefully at home.

Hirschey lived an extraordinary life for 15-1/2 years.

Hirschey entered my life when he was eight weeks old and the effect he has had is simply amazing and powerful, and will guide me for all my existence.

His memory will live on, every day, as many special moments are cherished over the years spent together.

And all these accumulate into a treasure chest I can grab and hold unto for the rest of my life as they bring a smile to my face and happiness to my soul.

The most meaningful and rewarding activity we performed together was our involvement with Pet Partners, specifically visiting schools, senior living facilities, and Texas Children’s Hospital on a weekly basis.

Although we were only affiliated with Pet Partners for 18 months, the impact that Hirschey provided to children, adults, and yes, me, is indescribable and immeasurable.Alejandro and Hirschey in front of Texas Children's Hospital

Thank you to Pet Partners for offering this life changing program and vehicle to make a difference crucial to an individuals health and well-being in a time of need.

Hirschey is already missed by all his friends at Texas Children’s and everywhere else he brightened peoples’ lives and brought smiles on each visit.

Submitted by Hirschey’s handler, Alex Hirschfeld