Amazing, awesome, Angel Ariel Rose unfolded her wings and flew back to heaven. Her earth legs couldn’t carry her anymore. She was named for the healing Angel Ariel; not the mermaid. Her school kids called her “A-Angel” in sign language. Many people remembered her as “Rose.” Ari’ was a therapy dog for more than 13 years and made more than 15,000 contacts in that time.

She visited libraries, schools, nursing homes, patients in hospice, funeral homes, a hospital, camps, schools, and did presentations for public service groups. She broke through to children with Autism, got dementia patients talking, consoled people at memorial services, helped an expecting mom lower her blood pressure, calmed people of all ages with her presence, and even made us laugh at times. She was a blood donor with a rare universal blood type, and she was mom’s calming influence through some difficult years.

If you want to honor her life, stop a minute to listen to a stranger and truly care about them. Spread her love and legacy. If you knew her and want to do something for the hu-mom, please send a memory or impression of how she affected you. We’ll collect them into a memory book. If you prefer to make a memorial donation, please contact Pet Partners or your local animal shelter or rescue group. Ariel came to us from a shelter when she was 2 years old.

We are so very grateful and blessed that she shared her life with us. We are joyous if she made your life a little better.

Story submitted by Jan Nowicki