We just wanted to inform you with a tearful heart, that our dog, ‘Kramer’, passed away last week due to cancer.  After 9 rewarding years as a national ‘Pet Partners’ therapy dog, this 14-year-old ‘lemon beagle’ fought the good fight.   (Kramer’s bio-brother, ‘Pilot,’ was also a ‘Pet Partners’ therapy dog for 5 years.)

We were a regular team who visited the Tucson Medical Center (TMC), Veterans Hospital, Oro Valley Hospital and sundry senior care centers and homes.

Kramer’s visits assisted patients, who were over-focusing on their ailments, to come out of themselves and become more socially aware of their surroundings, resulting in a speedier recovery. Kramer was the epitome of the expression: “social animal”.  Having had 8 other beagles in life, Kramer was the best at giving people unconditional love.  His list of cared for patients, family members, is almost endless, which included Congresswoman, Gabrielle Giffords.  Kramer was a gentle and loving Beagle, and will be sorely missed. Thanks.

Sincerely, Paul & Kathy Nelepovitz