April 7-13, 2019 is #VolunteerAppreciationWeek, and Pet Partners wants to celebrate all of the dedicated volunteers who are the heart of our Therapy Animal Program! During the week we’ll be sharing stories on social media about some of our volunteers and how important they are to our program, to their communities, and to each other.

Wednesday, April 10

Anne EfronToday we want to give a shout out to our volunteer leaders for #VolunteerAppreciationWeek! Pet Partners volunteer leaders take on an additional level of effort to support our Therapy Animal Program and make sure all teams have the knowledge, skills, and aptitude to visit safely and effectively. Their work is vital to the success of our teams and our program. Volunteer instructors help educate and prepare handlers for volunteering, while team evaluators make sure that all teams meet the requirements and standards for visiting.

Anne Efron in Maryland recently became a Pet Partners team evaluator after several years as a handler. “I became a team evaluator because I knew how busy other evaluators in my area were with so many teams interested,” she says. “I had fielded a lot of questions from teams about how to get involved and we are always in need of teams, so the more we can evaluate, the better. I’ve loved the visits that I have done with my dog and seeing how he just lights up people’s faces. I also wanted to learn more about assessing animals and Pet Partners has a great team evaluator training program.” Our thanks go to Anne for choosing to take on this important role and volunteer additional time to support safe and effective therapy animal visits. And a big thanks to ALL of our volunteer leaders!