Melanie in Lima, FL pledged 2 miles with Crash Bandicoot
Casey in St. Petersburg, FL pledged 3 miles with cockatoo Buoy
Heather in Ishpeming, MI pledged 5 miles with Ethel & Dublin
Lynn in Boca Raton, FL pledged 2 miles with Chico Mio
Nancy in Carmel, IN pledged 2 miles with Quigley & Kona
Rosa in Alamo, TX pledged 2 miles with Jaxx, Tigges, and Hero
Joyce in Perris, CA pledged to walk with mini-horses JJ, Paddy, Mama, and Tucker
Kari in Crystal Lake, IL pledged 1 mile with Gracie & Boo
Sebastienne, Gina & Jovert in Bacolod City, Philippines pledged 3 miles with Yang-yang, Patch & Luke
Angie in Clarksville, TN pledged 3 miles with YaYa
Paula in são Paulo, Brazil pledged 1 kilometer with Mamy, Stitch & Bob
Anne in Lititz, PA pledged 3 miles with Fumble
Amy in Jacksonville, FL pledged 2 miles with Murfee
Julie in Iowa City, IA pledged 5 miles with Buster
Michelle in Bluffdale, UT pledged 3 miles with mini-horse Tigger
Tamilyn in Pocatello, ID pledged 2 miles with Jiminy Cricket & Walt Disney
Regina in Long Beach, CA pledged 1 mile with Checkers
Heather in Lexington, MA pledged 2 miles with Amelia
Jillian in Greenfield, IN pledged to walk with pig, horse, and dog Dolly, Cowboy, and Charlie
Meghan in Jackson, MO pledged 5 miles with Dexter
Barbara in Thornton, NH pledged to walk with steer Walter
Juliet in Dallas, TX pledged to walk with Meals on Wheels volunteers and their pets
Sandra in Sacramento, CA pledged 2 miles with Kami & Koda
Tricia in Mt. Juliet, TN pledged 1 mile with mini-horse Dream
Ruth in Georgetown, TX pledged 2 miles with Bella
Kelly in Olympia, WA pledged 2 miles with llama Ferrero
Mary in Grand Junction, CO pledged 1 mile with Capone and Nova
Robert in West Warwick, RI pledged 5 miles with Cooper
Charlene in Butler, WI pledged 5 miles with Chloe
Susan in Greenville, NC pledged 2 miles with Pancake
Colleen in Littleton, CO pledged 1 mile with Sparty
Kari in Santa Ana, CA pledged 3 miles with Rolo
Lynn in Kamuela, HI pledged 3 miles with Killian
George in Cluj-Napoca, Romania pledged to walk with Bes
Luz in Chicago, IL pledged 3 miles with Guin
Stefanie in New York, NY pledged 2 miles with Tangle
Melissa in Lincoln, NE pledged 3 miles with Mya
Debby in Glasgow, KY pledged 2 miles with Dusty
Vincent in Scottsdale, AZ pledged 2 miles with Ike
Nancy in Newberg, OR pledged 2.5 miles with Harry
Tommie in Roanoke, VA pledged 2 miles with Pink
Jen in Cincinnati, OH pledged 3 miles with Ozone


September 29th is the World’s Largest Pet Walk, an official Pet Partners walking event!

In celebration of our Walk With Me™ program, Pet Partners is excited to announce our World’s Largest Pet Walk

How will it work?

You and your pet(s) can walk at any time on Saturday, September 29th. Walk whatever distance feels right for you and your animal, and choose any location! Whether you lead a Walk With Me event in your community, gather some friends and family for a casual stroll around the block, or take a quiet hike that’s just you and your animal, we want to see our Pet Partners community taking steps with their pets. This isn’t only for registered Pet Partners teams–this event is for anyone who wants to enjoy the health benefits of being active with pets!

It’s so simple! Determine what type of walk you and your pet will participate in. You can choose an activity as simple as just you and your pet taking your normal stroll, or you can plan a group activity! If you’re part of a Community Partner or local therapy animal group, you could all get together and walk at a local pet-friendly park. Invite your neighbors to join you in a walk around the local nature trail, or organize a walk at the senior living community where you and your therapy animal volunteer. Any setting or circumstance where you might walk with your pet or use Walk With Me is a great option!

There’s no fee to participate, but we do ask that you share your photos with us and spread the word on social media. Make sure to print off your official walking bib to wear while you walk. Commemorative shirts are on sale through September 8th.



Steps to Participate in the World’s Largest Pet Walk

  1. Let us know you’re walking by completing the pledge form here.
  2. Print out your official World’s Largest Pet Walk Bib, write in your pet’s name, and wear it during your walk. 
  3. Spread the word on social media and online.  Here are some sample images to share if you are walking with your dog, your cat, or your horse!  Are you a blogger?  Here is some sample content to get you started on a blog post!
  4. On September 29th, take pictures during your walk, post selfies of you and your pets and share your participation on our Pet Partners social media channels. Tag Pet Partners, and use the hashtags #WorldsLargestPetWalk and #PetPartners so others can see what you’re doing to be active with your animal!
  5. Planning a group or community walk?  Be sure to share with your local media!  Here are some tips and a press release template you can localize.
  6. Need some ideas on setting up your walk, or tips for a successful walk? Learn more by viewing a recording of our recently held webinar!