Pet Partners

Jillian in Greenfield, IN pledged to walk with pig, horse, and dog Dolly, Cowboy, and Charlie
Meghan in Jackson, MO pledged 5 miles with Dexter
Barbara in Thornton, NH pledged to walk with steer Walter
Juliet in Dallas, TX pledged to walk with Meals on Wheels volunteers and their pets
Sandra in Sacramento, CA pledged 2 miles with Kami & Koda
Tricia in Mt. Juliet, TN pledged 1 mile with mini-horse Dream
Ruth in Georgetown, TX pledged 2 miles with Bella
Kelly in Olympia, WA pledged 2 miles with llama Ferrero
Mary in Grand Junction, CO pledged 1 mile with Capone and Nova
Robert in West Warwick, RI pledged 5 miles with Cooper
Charlene in Butler, WI pledged 5 miles with Chloe
Susan in Greenville, NC pledged 2 miles with Pancake
Colleen in Littleton, CO pledged 1 mile with Sparty
Kari in Santa Ana, CA pledged 3 miles with Rolo
Lynn in Kamuela, HI pledged 3 miles with Killian
George in Cluj-Napoca, Romania pledged to walk with Bes
Luz in Chicago, IL pledged 3 miles with Guin
Stefanie in New York, NY pledged 2 miles with Tangle
Melissa in Lincoln, NE pledged 3 miles with Mya
Debby in Glasgow, KY pledged 2 miles with Dusty
Vincent in Scottsdale, AZ pledged 2 miles with Ike
Nancy in Newberg, OR pledged 2.5 miles with Harry
Tommie in Roanoke, VA pledged 2 miles with Pink
Jen in Cincinnati, OH pledged 3 miles with Ozone

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Pet Partners Workplace Well-being teams are reducing employee stress in the workplace at companies such as Aetna.

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