Pet of the Year winner Rye Guy.

Sharing the Love of Therapy Animals

Bring joy & improve lives alongside your pet

Deepen the bond with your pet by volunteering with them.
Share the joy your pet brings you with people in need.
Get training, education, and insurance.
Impact lives in your community.

Pet Therapy Program - Volunteer with Your Pet

There’s something special about your animal, and you want to share their love with the people in your community who need it most. Find out how to become a Pet Partners therapy animal team today. Dedicated to bringing comfort and joy to individuals through our pets as therapy charity.

Current Pet Partners Volunteers

We provide support and resources for you and your pet to thrive as a registered Pet Partners animal therapy volunteer.

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Three young girls pet a therapy guinea pig during a visit in their classroom.

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Therapy dogs and other therapy animals bring comfort and joy in schools, workplaces, hospitals, or any facility they visit. For the young and old, those who are sick and those who are well, and even those recovering from a crisis event, therapy animals have been proven to help. Pet therapy for seniors especially, can significantly enhance emotional well-being, and positively contribute to their social and cognitive health. Other areas with proven benefits are therapy dogs for the workplace. This can greatly boost morale, decrease stress levels, and enhance overall employee satisfaction and productivity.

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A Pet Partners therapy animal handler and her dog sit on a bed with a young patient they are visiting.
Gabby the Retriever