Pet Partners at Your Facility

Our fully trained and screened therapy animal teams have collectively visited thousands of facilities including hospitals, nursing homes, schools, retirement communities, and rehabilitation facilities, and we can’t wait to support your facility.

A mini horse team visits at a nursing home for pet therapy for seniors.
Trusty the Mini horse
A mini horse team visits at a nursing home for pet therapy for seniors.
Trusty the Mini horse

Why Choose Pet Partners?

Pets as therapy for seniors, students, patients and more tools to get started

Receive a free facility tool kit with practical tips and tricks for starting a visitation program or growing the presence of therapy animals at your facility.
As a partner facility, you invest in the Pet Partners mission and receive many exclusive benefits including the administration of a comprehensive and ongoing handler recruitment program.
Create a free volunteer opportunity that becomes searchable to all our registered therapy animal teams across the country. Interested volunteers in your area will be able to contact you directly.
Are you a professional interested in incorporating therapy animals in your own practice? Learn more about our sister organization the Association of Animal-Assisted Intervention Professionals.
A guinea pig being held by someone during a visit for pet therapy for seniors.

More Than Just Lovable Pups

Our therapy animal teams work with nine different types of furry and feathered friends, including dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, birds, guinea pigs, rats, pigs, and llamas and alpacas! Facilities can benefit from the unique healing offered by our diverse species. Interacting with animals can significantly improve cognitive functioning by stimulating memory and focus. Especially beneficial for seniors with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, interacting with therapy dogs and other therapy animals is a holistic approach to improving senior well-being.

Copper the Guinea pig