Therapy Animal Volunteer Overview

You and your pet can become a therapy program volunteer with an organization that will support you every step of the way.

Three teams through an animal and pet therapy volunteer program at Pet Partners with therapy dogs.
therapy volunteer
Three teams through an animal and pet therapy volunteer program at Pet Partners with therapy dogs.
therapy volunteer

Change Lives with Your Pet

Some animals were born to be therapy animals—comforting strangers, building community, and bringing joy to all they visit. What our volunteer teams do is not pet therapy or animal therapy, where the animal is being treated. Our therapy dogs and other therapy animals support the people who need it most by sharing their unconditional love.

Benefits of Choosing Pet Partners

Pet Partners helps our therapy animal volunteers connect with nearby opportunities like pet visits for the elderly, therapy dog visits to schools, therapy dog hospital volunteer visits, read to a dog library programs and other ways to share your therapy animal with the people who need it most.
Most facilities will require proof of insurance coverage from visiting therapy dog and other therapy animal teams. Pet Partners provides comprehensive liability insurance, satisfying facility requirements and giving therapy animal program volunteers peace of mind.
Connect with a therapy dog and other therapy animal volunteers in your local community, participate in group visits, and build new friendships
Participate in programs that help people in need like Animal-Assisted Crisis Response, reading to therapy dogs with Read With Me™, getting fresh air with therapy animals with Walk With Me™, pet visits for the elderly, and more.
Our therapy animal volunteers get access to Pet Partners’ free and discounted online courses and exclusive webinars that can help you with their therapy animal education, improve your therapy animal visits, or just help you understand your animal in a deeper way.
Support and customer service from Pet Partners’ exceptional Therapy Animal Program staff.
A pet therapy program volunteer and a patient petting a therapy dog.

Diversity Lies at the Heart of Everything We Do

The human-animal bond is a universal connection that transcends boundaries. It knows no race or identity, and is not bound by socioeconomic background, ethnicity, or sexual orientation. We are more alike than we are different, and at Pet Partners, our approach is based on inclusion. We believe therapy animal interactions can unite. Every individual is worthy of love, respect, dignity, and compassion, and it is our goal to provide access to therapy animal teams that bring heartfelt emotional connection to the communities we serve.

Sophie the Labrador