Ways to Volunteer

Whether you dream of having children read to your dog, or can’t wait to introduce seniors to your rabbit, Pet Partners provides many different ways to volunteer so you can find just the right fit.

Older woman looks lovingly at Pet Partners therapy dog being held by her handler.
Lacy the Spaniel
Older woman looks lovingly at Pet Partners therapy dog being held by her handler.
Lacy the Spaniel

Community Visits

Pet Partners prepares and supports our volunteer teams in creating a positive impact in their communities. We educate our volunteers, preparing them and their pets for visits in:

  • HospitalsTherapy pig team enjoys a Read With Me visit with a young girl.
  • Nursing homes
  • Veterans’ centers
  • Courtrooms
  • Schools/Universities
  • Workplaces
  • And various other settings

Therapy animals can assist with:

  • Decreasing anxiety and stress
  • Maintaining a sense of wellness in work and school settings
  • Providing social skills and reducing loneliness
  • Recovering from crisis event
  • And much more!

Animal-Assisted Crisis Response

AACR, or animal-assisted crisis response, provides support, healing, and emotional comfort to those who are dealing with the firsthand trauma of a crisis event. Would you like to support your community with your therapy animal?

Animal-assisted crisis response
Therapy animal team on a visit with a man petting the dog on the head.
Dakota the Shepherd

Read With Me™

Whether you choose to participate in Read With Me visits at your local school or public library, an adult literacy program, or as an extension of visits you’re already making to the children’s hospital or housing shelter, reading to a therapy animal improves an emerging reader’s attitude towards reading and helps build self-confidence. Participating in Read With Me is available to all volunteer teams at no cost.

Read With Me
A young boy in a classroom reads to a rabbit in a basket.
Oreyo the Rabbit

Walk With Me™

Does your pet love walks? Walk With Me is the perfect opportunity to have your therapy animal motivate others to get moving for their overall health and well-being. Whether you’re walking around the courtyard of a senior living facility or doing a hike with the local school’s PE class, you can promote physical activity in your community by inviting others to go walking with your therapy animal. Participating in Walk With Me is available to all volunteer teams at no cost.

Walk With Me
A person walks with their therapy dog.
Trouper the Retriever

Be an Advocate

Join us as we work to educate local, state, and federal policymakers on the evidence-based benefits of therapy animal visits, and strive to affect positive legislative change for our industry. Participation in our advocacy program is available to current and prospective volunteers at no cost.

Be an advocate
THerapy dog teams from North Star Therapy Animals pose on the steps after NTAD proclamation.

Volunteer Leadership

Pet Partners volunteers can deepen their influence on the Therapy Animal Program by taking on specialized roles like Team Evaluator or Volunteer Instructor. Through these roles, experienced volunteers provide required training and assessment to therapy animal teams seeking to join or renew their registration with Pet Partners. Volunteer leaders not only provide invaluable opportunities to other volunteers and allow the program to grow, they also increase the impact of the entire Therapy Animal Program and develop their own professional skills while doing so.

Contact us
A Pet Partners volunteer evaluator helps a prospective team during an evaluation.
Simeon the Schnauzer

Connect in Your Community

Community Partners are local groups of Pet Partners teams who work together to serve direct needs in their community, while also raising awareness about the benefits of therapy animals. Membership in a Community Partner is not required to volunteer in the Therapy Animal Program, but many volunteers choose to join together with others to make the most impact.

Connect in your community
Pet Partners of Greater Dallas during the World's Largest Pet Walk.
Pet Partners of Greater Dallas