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When we work as a collective voice, we can make a difference by bringing widespread awareness to the benefits of the human-animal bond and, in particular, the impact of therapy animals. From Meet the Pets on Capitol Hill to working with state legislators to protect therapy animal access, our recent successes offer inspiring examples of our efforts to promote awareness and understanding of the human-animal bond.

Pet Partners staff and teams at an advocacy event.
Pet Partners staff and teams at an advocacy event.

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When you register as a Pet Partners advocate, you gain access to free resources, educational materials, and a powerful network of like-minded people to support local organizing and drive the biggest impact.

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Pet Partners team poses with a National Therapy Animal Day proclamation.
Tikka the Retriever

Did you know that cities, counties, and states across America celebrate National Therapy Animal Day by passing official proclamations? This is a great way to spread awareness about the life-changing power of therapy dogs and other therapy animals, while also helping to educate our local policy makers that therapy animals are different from emotional support and service animals. Ask your local officials to celebrate therapy animals, whether you are a volunteer therapy animal team, someone who has benefitted from therapy animals in their personal life, or a professional practitioner of AAI.

Are you a therapy animal handler? You may not know it, but you are an important resource to your state legislators. As states gear up for their legislative sessions, thousands of pieces of legislation will be introduced – some of which directly impact our work. Few legislators are experts on therapy animals, access, or the human-animal bond. Take this opportunity to introduce yourself to your legislator! Tell legislators about your work.

From children learning to read to seniors in residential care to individuals receiving medical treatments in clinical settings, therapy animals make a difference in people’s lives. However, therapy animals and their handlers who do not have sufficient training or screening can pose a risk. Help ensure that lawmakers understand the importance of therapy animal standards. Share information about standards that promote client and handler safety, as well as animal welfare.

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Pet Partners team poses with a National Therapy Animal Day proclamation.
Tikka the Retriever

Celebrate Our Cause and Help Build Awareness

One of the favorite annual traditions of Pet Partners advocates is to request proclamations recognizing National Therapy Animal Day, which occurs every April 30. Not only is it a wonderful way to acknowledge the contributions of therapy animal teams in communities across the country, it builds relationships with local policymakers while educating them about the benefits of the human-animal bond. With a strong group of advocates throughout the U.S., we are raising visibility and awareness of therapy animals.

National Therapy Animal Day
A group of therapy animal handlers pose with their National Therapy Animal Day proclamation.