Pet Partners at Your Workplace

Be on the cutting edge of employee well-being! Are you looking for a unique way to support your employees? Our innovative program brings our therapy dogs and other therapy animal teams directly to workplaces to boost morale, satisfaction, and productivity.

A therapy dog visits hospital staff who are surrounding the dog and petting her.
Cheyenne the Labrador
A therapy dog visits hospital staff who are surrounding the dog and petting her.
Cheyenne the Labrador

Our Animal-Assisted Workplace Well-being Program

Pet Partners therapy dog and other therapy animal teams from across the country are visiting various offices for an exciting workplace initiative, and the reaction has been amazing!

  • 99% of surveyed employees felt their mood had improved after spending time with our therapy animals; including 45% who stated their mood significantly improved.
  • 99% of surveyed employees felt more productive after spending time with our therapy animals; including 55% who felt significantly more productive.

Numerous studies have shown that when people take just a few moments to pet an animal, their stress is reduced. Research also shows that animals in the workplace often lead to more productive coworker interaction, increased trust levels between colleagues, and more effective collaboration. When employees come together to experience the universal connection of the human-animal bond, they are reinvigorated, refreshed, and ready to face what’s next—with a smile on their face and joy in their heart. We have coordinated workplace visits with respected companies such as Aetna, Intel, Farmers Insurance and Google.

Why should you consider therapy animals or therapy dogs for your workplace?

Our handlers and therapy animals–including dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, birds, llamas, mini-horses and others– are carefully screened and highly prepared to conduct meaningful workplace visits.
We have the highest caliber curriculum in the industry, and we are proud to offer our teams superior risk management and the industry’s highest safety standards, continuing education, and liability insurance.
We will allocate staff resources to recruit requested therapy animal teams for your events. We will target the recruitment based on your company’s specific event needs including geographic location, species-specific requests, and requests to appear during specific dates and times. 
We are eager to customize a program that is right for your company! Sometimes companies choose a one-day event to coincide with a high stress deadline or a company-wide wellness day. We can also work with you to set up a year-round therapy animal visiting program.
Our program is a great alternative for companies that want to recognize the benefits of pets in the workplace but are not yet ready to allow employees to bring their own pets to work.
Employees LOVE it! We have surveyed thousands of employees and they indicate they are more focused, less stressed, and more likely to connect with one another after spending time with our amazing therapy animals!

Is there a cost to having therapy animals or therapy dogs in our workplace?

Companies that participate in our Workplace Well-being program are asked to make a donation to Pet Partners. Let’s connect to discuss details about your goals including how many visits, which locations, and the size of your company. Then we will customize a proposal for your review. If you are looking for a one-time therapy animals or therapy dogs workplace event or are interested in having Pet Partners join your company for an expo, conference or community event, our Sponsored Visit Program may be right for you!

What do employees say about therapy animal and therapy dog workplace visits?

Workers pet a therapy dog during a workplace well-being visit.

Diane L.

“I’ve been monitoring my blood pressure at the Wellness Center per my doctor’s request. Today, I saw that it was a Pet Partners day. What a great way to spend a few relaxing minutes before getting my blood pressure taken. And my pressure was lower than normal. Kudos to the Pet Partners program and many thanks!”

Lori A.

“I had a very good experience with the therapy dogs. I am a big animal lover, and I knew it would be a relaxing experience for me. But it was much more than that! I saw people that were shy, but still felt good and came more than once to have that moment of tenderness. Wonderful experience!”

Stephanie M.

“I look forward to it all week when I know Pet Partners will be here. The dogs and owners are very sweet and calming, and it is nice to talk with fellow employees that you wouldn’t meet otherwise.”

Read more about the many benefits of bringing animals into the workplace in our Pets in the Workplace white paper.

A Pet Partners therapy dog team making a workplace well-being visit.