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Thank You for a Fantastic Treats & Sweets Day in 2017

Our most sincere thanks to all our bakers and participants for a successful Treats & Sweets Day in 2017. By celebrating National Therapy Animal Day with tasty treats, you helped make a difference. We are looking forward to even more fun and tasty treats in 2018!

Treats & Sweets Day

Pet Partners Conference

Join Pet Partners at our 2017 conference, Professionalizing the Passion. With two full days of presentations on topics spanning current research and best practices, you won’t want to miss out. Registration is open now!

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Cats can be therapy animals too at Pet Partners

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Canine Body Language and Infection Prevention

Learn how to properly read what your dog is trying to tell you, and the best practices to help prevent the spread of infection while visiting.

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Take the Quiz: Is Your Pet a Suitable Therapy Animal?

Does your dog have what it takes to be a therapy dog?

Have you ever considered volunteering with your dog, cat, alpaca, or one of our other nine species? See if your best friend would be a good fit for our program by taking the quiz!

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About Us

  • Visit our Team Stories page to read about some of the life-changing moments shared by Pet Partners teams across the country.

  • Since our founding in 1977, Pet Partners has been at the forefront of education and demonstration of the health benefits of Animal-Assisted Interventions.

  • Pet Partners will be featured on PBS’ Voices In America series later this year. Watch a preview now: The Power of the Human Animal Bond