Cancer Care Fund FAQs

Should you require further clarification on any of these answers or have a question not listed here, you may contact us or call 425-679-5503 to be connected with our Cancer Care Fund Administrator.


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The Fund is available for all eligible therapy animals, regardless of species.

Yes! As long as the animal was diagnosed with cancer after the team was registered with the Pet Partners Therapy Animal Program, both current and retired teams are eligible to apply for assistance from the Cancer Care Fund. (Bear in mind that the fund is available only for eligible cases in which treatment was received on or after February 1, 2016.)

Yes! Any Pet Partners team that meets eligibility requirements may apply. This includes teams from Canada, U.S. territories, and any country that participates in our international pilot program.

We ask you to allow us 10 business days to process, review, and approve your application. Once your application has been approved, we will request further documentation from your vet prior to distributing a payment. Thank you for your patience!

Only your completed application and your animal’s histopathology report (or other equivalent diagnostic material) are required. If you have questions about what constitutes official diagnostic material, please work with your vet’s office and Pet Partners to be sure that the items you submit are sufficient to demonstrate the presence of cancer.

Once your application has been approved, we will send a request directly to your vet for a completed cover sheet, W9, and any related invoices.

Possibly! The fund provides up to $1,250 per therapy animal. If your animal is diagnosed with cancer and treatment costs less than $1,250, you may apply again to receive the remainder of your $1,250 should the cancer relapse or a new cancer appear (including new diagnostic material, such as a histopathology report). No more than $1,250 will be paid to an individual therapy animal.

Yes! As long as they meet the eligibility criteria each of your therapy animals could benefit from the Cancer Care Fund.

No. Funds are not provided up front. Pet Partners will pay your veterinarian directly for expenses incurred upon receiving a detailed invoice. Thanks to a generous donation from a Foundation, payments during 2024 can be for any amount up to $1,250. Your vet will be contacted directly once your application is approved with instructions regarding how to request payment from Pet Partners.

Your vet’s office will have the opportunity to submit requests for payment within four months of the date of your application’s approval. At that time, they must submit invoices for any procedures  or treatments related to the cancer, totaling no more than $1,250. We will not request invoices until your application is approved, and we will contact them directly with instructions. Once invoices are sent, we suggest allowing up to 45 days to receive payment. We will confirm with you when payment has been issued.

In order to steward the Fund with integrity, Pet Partners cannot pay applicants directly for cancer-related expenses. We may only pay your veterinarian. That stated, if your vet is willing to reimburse you for costs you have already paid once Pet Partners has also paid, that is up to them. Clinics will vary as to whether they will accept retroactive payment and reimburse you or credit your account. Please discuss this with your vet’s office directly before submitting your application.

Yes. Should we approve both applications, payment will be issued to the vet clinics on a first-come-first-serve basis. The same diagnostic information may be included for both applications. We will still only be able to provide $1,250 total per animal, not per clinic.

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A white rabbit with black spots being held by a person in a denim jacket.
Petey the rabbit