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Do you incorporate AAI in your professional practice?

Clients can benefit from the inclusion of an animal into a goal-oriented and structured therapeutic intervention when performed to high standards. We suggest Standards of Practice in AAI and the AAI competencies based on the research of Dr. Leslie Stewart as core standards documents. Additionally, many practitioners choose to register with Pet Partners as a way of honing their skills, and our two-year renewal cycle is an important opportunity for an independent third party to evaluate your animal’s level of interest in these types of interactions.

Historically it has been a challenge for professionals to find liability insurance for paid-for services that are inclusive of animal-assisted interventions. Pet Partners is pleased to announce that we are piloting a practitioner insurance program. Learn more about obtaining insurance as a professional.

Researching Therapy Animals?

  • Pet Partners is dedicated to supporting our empirical understanding of animal assisted interventions.
  • A token of our this commitment can be noted in our partnership with HABRI which allows us to financially support emerging investigations on the impact of therapy animals.
  • We are also happy to work with researchers who may benefit by including Pet Partners therapy animals in their studies. We invite scholar-practitioners to be in touch if you’re interested in learning more about recruiting within the network of the thousands of therapy animal teams that are registered with Pet Partners.
  • Upon recently completing a literature review focused on the standards of practice as they appear in the existing body of therapy animal literature, we realized that there is a way for organizational leaders, professionals, researchers, and volunteers alike to come together to promote standardization within our field. With this in mind, we’ve created a Researcher Checklist. We invite investigators and handlers who are involved in studies to use this resource as a guide in ensuring that the best possible therapy animal interventions are being represented in empirical investigation.

Why Work with Pet Partners Teams?

  • $2M comprehensive general liability insurance for all volunteers.
  • Required handler education including topics such as confidentiality, infection control, effective communication, and animal handling best practices.
  • Team re-evaluation every two years ensures the suitability of the animal as they mature.
  • All animals meet our non-aggression standards, including the exclusion of protection dogs.
  • Stringent infection control protocols, including thorough grooming standards, required hand hygiene before and after any interaction, and exclusion of raw meat diets.
  • Nine different species are registered through Pet Partners, expanding your possible pool of therapy teams to include not only dogs but also cats, mini horses, rabbits and guinea pigs, rats, birds, and even mini pigs and llamas!

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