Photo/Video Release

By submitting the form below, I do hereby consent of my own free will, without coercion or inducement of any kind, to grant to Pet Partners, a Washington corporation, their successors and those acting under their permission, to reproduce, copyright, publish, circulate or otherwise use photographic reproductions or likenesses or videotape segments of me and or my name.

This authorization and release covers the use of said material in any published form and any medium of advertising, publicity or trade in any part of the world for ten years from the date of this release.

Furthermore, I for myself, my heirs, executors, or administers, sell assign and transfer to the organization and its successors all my rights, title and interest in and to all reproductions taken of me by representatives of the organization. This agreement fully represents all terms and considerations and no other inducements, statements or promises have been made to me. I fully understand no monetary payment will be made to me for such uses as described above.

Download our group release form if you have more than one person consenting to use of their image in a photo/video.