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Q&A with Long-term Donor, Dr. Scott Galatin, DVM

Chelsea Glick
man with dog on couch
man with dog on couch

Dr. Scott Gallatin first got involved with Pet Partners, then known as Delta Society, in 1988. Since then, he has been a dedicated supporter of our Therapy Animal Program. Dr. Gallatin honors his veterinary patients by making monthly tribute donations in their memory. With each of these donations, a kind letter is mailed to the animals’ owners, providing comfort in the knowledge that their animal made an impact on Dr. Gallatin, and their memory will live on in the therapy animals and clients who benefit from this support.

How did you learn about Pet Partners?man with arms wrapped around a dog sitting on a table

“When I was still in veterinary college, I heard about the Delta Society and read some papers by Dr. Leo Bustad on the human-animal bond. I realized how important this bond was to practicing veterinary medicine and decided to do some volunteer work with a campus organization that would take animals from our local shelter and make visits to nursing homes, hospitals, etc.”

What inspired you to donate?

“I wanted a meaningful way to commemorate the lives of my patients and their families. I found that making a donation to Pet Partners in their memory provided not only needed funding but also brought attention to an organization dedicated to the promotion of that special bond between animals and the people who love and care for them.”

What is your favorite part of the Therapy Animal Program?

“I love seeing the unconditional love and happiness that animals bring to people who need it most. I feel it is important to give children contact with all kinds of animals, not only does it teach them responsibility but also kindness, sharing, and inspires a sense of empathy. I also love the dedication that the animal handlers have to the Pet Partners program and their pets.”

What is your dream for the growth of Pet Partners and the field of AAI?three cats on kitchen counter

“I hope that as we learn more about how important the human-animal bond is to the mental and physical well-being of people that animal therapy becomes more mainstream in our schools, hospitals, mental health, and senior facilities.” Join Dr. Galatin by becoming a monthly donor – help support more therapy animal teams and the people and communities in need they visit!

The Importance of Giving

Pet Partners is thankful for our dedicated donors who help ensure our amazing therapy animal teams reach the people who need our support most. Within our family of supporters is a special group of monthly donors who enable Pet Partners to plan for a brighter future and make more meaningful connections through the unconditional love of therapy animals. Become a monthly donor today!