Create an Account at The Raspberry Field, LLC

Please follow the instructions below to gain access to the Pet Partners merchandise at The Raspberry Field, LLC.

Use the steps below to create your account and get permissions for the Pet Partners merchandise. ALL STEPS are necessary to receive access.

Why do I need an account and permissions if I just want to browse?
The Pet Partners merchandise is exclusive to Pet Partners volunteers. This is intended to ensure that teams wearing Pet Partners gear are registered and credentialed Pet Partners teams. We want you to be recognized and trusted as being an excellent team that is part of the organization with the highest standards in the therapy animal field.

  1. Go to The Raspberry Field, LLC website and complete the information requested for a new customer.
  2. Click Create My Account.
  3. When you have finished creating your account, please email your name and your email address to Curtis at Please say that you are a Pet Partners volunteer, and that you need to set up your account. You MUST do this in order to receive access to the Pet Partners merchandise.
  4. Your account permissions will be activated. These permissions are required in order to purchase Pet Partners merchandise. You will receive an email with confirmation when this process is finished (usually within 24 hours or less).
    NOTE: If you do NOT receive this email within 24 hours, please check the Spam/Junk folder and the Trash folder in your email account. Sometimes this email is accidentally routed to those folders. If you don’t find the email there, and it has been more than 24 hours, you can contact Curtis for assistance.
  5. When you have received the confirmation email, return to, click Sign In, and enter your email address and password in the fields under Sign In. When you log in, you will be on your Customer Account page.
    If you are on a mobile device, go to, and click the three bars in the upper left corner. The first option on the dropdown menu will be Sign In.  Select that and enter your email address and password in the fields under Customer Log In.
  6. When you’re logged in, you should see the words PET PARTNERS in the main area of the page, as well as under Categories>Group Vests on the left side of the page. Click this. You will then be able to view and purchase Pet Partners merchandise.
    NOTE: If you do NOT see the words Pet Partners after you log in, you do not have the correct permissions. Please go back to step 3 in this list.
  7. Click a product to see the options. Choose your options and click Add To Cart. When you’ve selected your products, click Checkout to complete your order.

Please Note:

  • Pet Partners merchandise is only available to registered volunteers.
  • Pet Partners has specific design requirements. Please no additions or substitutions. There are options already available for customizing various items.
  • The vests are a custom design and each one is produced when ordered. Production and shipping takes 3-4 weeks.

We are here to help!

If you have questions or need assistance with viewing or ordering merchandise, please check that you have completed all the steps above. If you still need assistance, contact The Raspberry Field, LLC.

Phone or Text: 503-661-2284