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A Tribute to Gloria

Carole Perez
Pet Partners Handler
racing dog named gloria
racing dog named gloria

Gloria was a beautiful, gentle and loving Greyhound. Gloria had two successful careers. Gloria was on the racing track for 4 years before being adopted by her forever Mom, Carole Perez. Gloria still loved to run for fun at the yearly ‘Greyhound Round Up’ event in Solvang CA. When Gloria was nine years old, she was clocked at 25 mph by a sheriff’s speed gun during the ‘Round Up’.

Following her racing career, Gloria became a Paws 4 Healing/Pet Partner Animal Assisted Therapy Dog with Carole. For seven years Gloria warmed the hearts and souls of all the people she greeted with her beautiful eyes, soft gentle nuzzle, and eagerness to be petted and hugged.

Thank You Gloria, you made the day better for all the people you met.