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A Tribute to Hugo

Carol and Brian Berge

Hugo was a special boy. He was a therapy dog for over 10 years. At each and every visit he had an unbelievable way to focus on the people or patients being visited. Never distracted by other dogs or outside influences he kept his mind on the task at hand. He was a handsome dog. He had an inner beauty that matched or surpassed his outer good looks.

During Covid, we had an online visit presence where Hugo was part of classrooms across the country doing a read to me program in schools. He was part of personal birthday celebrations online for kids with special needs and sent them individual cards with his picture in his birthday costume. We took his work to social media and created his own pages to share his work. The response was tremendous. Hugo retired in April. He had a good run.

On May 2, 2024 Hugo crossed over the Rainbow Bridge unexpectedly. He left the world a better place than when he arrived.. We know he was a wonderful therapy dog. We had the pleasure of being his handlers. But we had no idea the impact he had on others and the people whose lives were changed by meeting Hugo. We have received hundreds of comments, cards, tributes, and stories letting us know how he changed people’s lives. During a visit the exposure to people is limited to the time spent with them. To hear them come back and tell us the kind of impact he made has been overwhelming. He left us as an exemplary representation of unconditional love. We learned a lot from him. Things we will never forget.