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A Tribute to Juno

Tina Buckley

Last week I had to say goodbye to my Great Dane, Juno on her tenth birthday.  She told me in the way that all dogs tell their people that she was ready.  My heart is broken but I have such wonderful memories of her.

Juno was registered with Pet Partners in 2018 after previously being registered with a different organization.  I liked what I had heard about Pet Partners and made the change.

The two places that we visited most often were a local hospital and the nearby airport when the troops would be passing through.  Juno welcomed well over 100 flights full of men and women in the armed services.  The flights would stop to refuel on their way overseas or on their way back home. They would generally be on the ground for 3 hours or so and were thrilled to spend time with a dog.  Juno loved to back up to the line of soldiers as they all passed by and scratched her behind. She would cuddle up on the floor with many or just one soldier. She always seemed to know who needed her on a particular day.  When Juno began to show signs of slowing down, Forest, a Great Dane puppy joined our family. He was ready to take over for Juno when he was almost two years of age. I still took Juno out for very brief visits, but it became apparent that she was more happy to stay home and sleep.

I have met so many wonderful people since being involved with Pet Partners with Juno.  She made an impact on a lot of people but for me, she changed my life.  Pet therapy work is one of my greatest joys in life. Rest in peace sweet girl.