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Community Support for a Reading Program

Whitney Romine
Pet Partners Evaluator

On February 2, 2022, Pet Partners of Akron-Canton began a collaboration with Heritage Christian School to implement a therapy dog reading program. Pet Partners team Albert Smith and Alli were the inaugural team at the school for reading visits.

A therapy dog handler wearing glasses and a yellow jacket stands next to his mixed-breed therapy dog, with one hand on her back and her leash in his other hand.

The group provided information to the school so they could prepare for the visit. This included hand hygiene information,to minimize infection concerns, and some rules for the students to ensure that the visit would be safe and enjoyable for everyone.

A white board that contains a variety of instructions for students having a reading visit with a therapy dog.

List of rules written on a white board for students who are visiting with a therapy dog for reading.

And they also got a glamour shot of Alli so they would know in advance who they would be reading to.

A white board with a photo of a mixed-breed dog taped to it, and the words "Woof woof" and "Alli" written next to the photo.

Thank you to Heritage Christian School for welcoming Pet Partners teams, and kudos to Albert & Alli and Pet Partners of Akron-Canton for this visit and new reading program!

A mixed-breed therapy dog lies on a cushion in a classroom. Her handler sits on a chair behind her holding her leash.