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Daisy's Retirement Story

Pet Partners Therapy Dog
small dog with bandana on around neck
small dog with bandana on around neck

Everyone has a story, even the four legged. In fact, you’d get a different perspective if you heard it from us.

My name is Daisy, and I was purchased from a pet shop as a young pup. The family gave me little attention, and their other dog made me a mother, … twice! I spent as much time as I could under the bed, until I was sold on Craigslist, that is. I didn’t get along with the new couple’s other dog, so I was put back on “the list” within days. Fortunately for me, a rescue group was monitoring the site, so they stepped in and brought me to a safe and caring foster home.

As good luck would have it, a seemingly nice lady named Sue began to visit me every week. I overheard her telling my foster mom she was looking for the right dog, one who was well behaved and had the personality and qualities needed to become a therapy dog.

I kept my distance at first, checking out whether Sue could be trusted. She eventually passed my screening criteria, so I decided to adopt her. I know it wasn’t a coincidence we both believed in paying it forward, so becoming involved with Pet Partners of Central New York was perfect for the both of us. Someone named me Daisy for a reason, since it means “new beginnings, joy and cheerfulness.”

Sue and I volunteered for the next 10 years! We visited so many different places, but my favorite was the library. I suppose that’s because I love kids and I’m proud to say they loved me too. It was also exciting to find out someone wrote books about me, or maybe another dog named Daisy. Listening to the children read about her adventures was the best.

I suppose it might be important to mention that I became a therapy dog at five years old, and now I’m 15. In human years, I’m probably pushing 76! I think that’s why Sue decided we should retire and move to Florida with the other seniors. I have to admit it was the right thing to do, since I can’t hear anymore and have a few medical issues. But I sure miss volunteering. Everyone always seemed so excited when we arrived for our visits and when Sue told them we were moving, it was a very sad day for all of us.

I recently overheard Sue say she plans to get another therapy dog after I’m gone, but I don’t know where she thinks I’m going. Being the most important part of a pet therapy team is FOREVER, whether actively visiting or not. I sure hope Sue learns that once she reads my story.

-Daisy the Therapy Dog