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Dannie Sayers & Puntino: Bringing Feline Comfort

Dannie Sayers
Pet Partners handler
Puntino, therapy cat during a visit.
Puntino, therapy cat during a visit.

Dannie Sayers & Puntino, therapy cat team.(June 2022) Puntino and Dannie Sayers, Pet Partners therapy cat team, are announcing their retirement.

Puntino is a 12-year-old Devon rex cat who lives in Tacoma, WA and Sun City West, AZ. They started their eight-year journey with Pet Partners in 2014. He is known as the Intuitive Feline Therapist.

They have visited hospitals, retirement homes, conventions, a fashion show, and schools in two different states. They have been on TV and were featured in the book Heroic, Helpful and Caring Cats (Felines Who Make a Difference) by Anne Beals.

Their most notable experience was visiting at the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs American Lake Division Health Care System in Tacoma, WA.

Puntino always knew what to do when sitting on a veteran’s lap or lying in bed with them. He brought joy, comfort, and lots of smiles. Often, the veteran just needed a furry friend to hug.

Puntino, therapy cat, enjoys a fishing trip.
The American Lake VA facility offers fishing sessions, run by volunteers, to veterans there. Puntino would sometimes join them for this unique activity.