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Good Bye ‘My Megan’

Debbie Zdanowicz
Pet Partners Handler
Megan Zdanowicz, a Pet Partners therapy dog.
Megan Zdanowicz, a Pet Partners therapy dog.

Good Bye ‘My Megan’

Megan Zdanowicz, a Pet Partners therapy dog.Megan, let me tell you about our life together

You were our companion, best friend, and our seventh Irish Setter

From North Carolina, we brought you home to NY, and Koenig Road

A beautiful little puppy, you were only eight weeks old

It’s really hard to believe, that was eleven years ago

We came to love you, more than you could ever know

You were an old, gentle soul, like you had been here beforeMegan Zdanowicz, a Pet Partners therapy dog receives pets form children during a visit.

You would come to understand our every word, and so much more

Not sure if we can find the words to truly express what we need to say

Megan girl, we loved you from that very first day

How many times did you hear us say “you are the best“

Whispered in your ear once more as you were laid to rest

A last time to hug you, as we placed kisses upon your face

Megan Zdanowicz, a Pet Partners therapy dog.

You’ve now crossed over “THE RAINBOW BRIDGE,” to a better place

We won’t be there, so look down at us from above

Through the rays of the sun, we will feel your love

Today was the hardest thing we ever had to do

We cried, and felt the pain, as we said our final goodbye to you

All our other Irish girls will be there, to welcome you home

No more pain, the cancer gone, a new land to roam

Megan Zdanowicz, a Pet Partners therapy dog relaxes while a child reads to her.

Yes, you have been made young again, and now cancer free

With the wind in your face, run the valleys, and hills with your sister Cree

We will remember Glimmerglass State Park, that was a favorite place

Or the “ back twenty” up our hill, the two of you would race

And oh how we loved to watch you run

Or to lay upon the grass, as you felt the warmth of the sun

In your very first year, a therapy dog you became

Visits to the hospital, the schools, where they all knew your name

There wasn’t a person, or a little kid that you didn’t love

With unseen wings, you were our special angel, sent from above

Oh, we made so many great memories over those eleven years

Is it without wonder as we write, our eyes fill with tears

And yes, we will miss you little girl, every single day

We will miss our game of “ hide and seek” that you loved to play

And we will remember when we’d come home to open the door

Too old and weak to rise up, with a pounding tail, music upon the floor

Over these years, we would grow older together

It was your zest, and love for life, that helped, to make us better

God said he would give us a dog on earth, in the image of his own

You served us with love, a job well done, so he called you home

And, we found you a nice place; it’s your forever to be

Laid to rest, below the shade, of a nearby tree

Your time on this earth has sadly come to an end

We promise to see each other again, our trusted best friend

Oh we will miss you Meggie, I know you will wait for Debbie and me.

In heaven, together once more, for all eternity.