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Marcy & Figgie: A Lasting Legacy of Therapy Rabbits

Marcy Ellenbogen
Pet Partners handler
Figgie Ellenbogen, therapy rabbit
Figgie Ellenbogen, therapy rabbit

I’m writing this tribute to my little girl Figgie, who crossed the Rainbow Bridge on February 23, 2022.

Figgie Ellenbogen, therapy rabbit

I adopted Figgie and her brother Newton in 2014 to carry on the legacy of my first therapy rabbit, Oreo.

Figgie & Newton Ellenbogen, therpy rabbits.

Figgie looked like the velveteen rabbit, beautiful chocolate/golden brown. She was a perfect 3 lb. lady and everyone loved meeting her.

Figgie Ellenbogen, therapy rabbit, presses her nose against a tan dog in a loving manner.

We brought miles of smiles to everyone we met. I love when people say, “I’ve never seen a real rabbit before” and that we can show them one up close and personal. When people would pet her, it was almost always, “Oh my, she is soooo soft.”

Figgie Ellenbogen, therapy rabbit, during a visit.

Newton is carrying on her legacy as well as Oreo’s.