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Mondays With Mora

Kathy Spinner
(letter submitted by Woodland Elementary School student Nicholas)   

Mondays are a very special day at Woodland Elementary School. And that’s because Pet Partners therapy dog Mora visits the school every Monday and helps the school counselor with animal-assisted interventions. Mora seems to touch the lives of many people who come into contact with her. One student, Nicholas, was so touched by Mora’s visits that he wrote a letter about her. No one asked him to write the letter, he did it all on his own.

One time I went to Ms. Chizzonite’s room and I met Mora. Although she was a dog, she was great fun. When I met her she was 4 years old. And she still is now. Mora was a service dog. She had brown, long, fluffy fur. A little blond fur on the tips of the ears and paws. She also had a long tail. In my opinion, her ears were the fluffiest. Her tail comes in 2nd. Body in 3rd. So whenever we went (Ayden goes with me so that’s why I said we). So whenever we went into the room, Mora would always be waiting there. And when we saw her and she saw us, she came toward us. She started to lick my hand. Then we sat down and Mora lay her head on our legs. So every time was pretty much the same. Today was our last day with Mora. We made pictures of her (or should I say frames?) So the story about Mora… WAIT!!! Did I tell you that she loved the puppets? She absolutely loved them! So the story about Mora ends here. Or should I say “Mora the puppy.”