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Retirement: Thor the "Thorapy" Dog


Thor was 5 when we began our Pet Partners experience at the hospital where I worked inĀ 2017.

We began with patients in the rehab and cancer center and he became a regular “employee” with a hospital badge next to his Pet Partner credential. The sessions were called “thorapy” and he was even featured on local TV. When COVID-19 hit in 2020 I was unable to teach my prenatal classes. Our CEO said, “When God shuts doors, he opens windows. You have a therapy dog. Please bring him every day as emotional support for our healthcare workers.”

Thor made such an impact with everyone, as the stress level was over the top. When he had his retirement “pawty” last year at age 11, over 50 people came to take selfies and bring gifts to their beloved boy. I was able to take all the treats and toys to our local shelter. He is happy at home now with 2 other canines and his humans, waiting patiently for us to open the pool.