Therapy Cats

More Therapy Cats in 2024!

Cat Person, a cat-care brand, is teaming up with Pet Partners to increase awareness of the psychological, emotional, and physical benefits of cats as therapy animals, and to help recruit and support more registered cat teams. These special cats spread joy, boost mood, and decrease feelings of loneliness.

Rorschach the Cat
Rorschach the Cat

Is your cat a potential therapy cat?

Some cats have just the right personalities to bring the healing power of purr to their communities! If you have a cat that is sociable, easygoing, and enjoys new experiences, becoming a registered therapy animal team might be right for you.

Together, Cat Person and Pet Partners are hoping to double the number of existing Pet Partners cat teams! Thanks to the generous support of Cat Person, a discounted registration fee of $50 (regular new team fee is $95) is now available for all new cat teams who join Pet Partners this year.

We’re pleased to also offer the Therapy Animal Handler Online Course for free for the first 250 users of the code CatPerson24. When you’re ready to take the course, please use the code at checkout to receive the complimentary offering. Please note that this code is intended for registrations with cats only.

What makes a visit from a therapy cat special?

A girl and a woman with a therapy cat, smiling

Cats are appealing to people who might not like dogs, and their smaller size and affinity for sitting on laps and cuddling can make them a good option for quieter environments and people who have limited mobility. They also have a special way of interacting with people, and there is the impression of cats as being particular and inspiring authentic relationship-building.

Unlock the pathway to spreading joy with your feline friend in just three simple steps.

Together, let's spread boundless love and joy throughout your community, one purr at a time.

Cats have a reputation for being selectively affectionate. If a cat likes you, you’re special.

Moira Smith, Pet Partners staff member, team evaluator, and cat handler

There has been a recent upswing in interest in cats as therapy animals, but they are not new in this role—our Therapy Animal Program has had more than 1,500 cats registered over the years and currently has nearly 150 registered cat teams. 

Want to learn more about one of our special cat teams? Check out Tommy’s touching story:  Therapy Cat Teaches Acceptance and Kindness. 

Exploring the Cat-Human Bond

Pet Partners and Cat Person have already completed the most comprehensive study to ever take place on cats as therapy animals, which uncovered many complex truths about our relationship with cats. The findings are clear: Therapy cats make an enormous impact on those they visit, and there is a significant need for more cat teams.

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Special thanks to Cat Person for supporting Pet Partners and our therapy cat program.

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