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A Tribute to Roxy

Kristy Albanese
Pet Partners Handler
Roxy Albanese, a Pet Partners therapy dog.
Roxy Albanese, a Pet Partners therapy dog.

In early February of this year we had to say goodbye to one of the greatest, natural therapy dogs ever. Roxy passed away in the most peaceful way, with her family at her side. Even her human sister who is serving in the military in South Korea was on Facetime to say goodbye.

When October 1 happened, Roxy was called to soothe the most traumatized as a newly registered Animal-Assisted Crisis Response team. When children living with unbelievable challenges needed the calmest, sweetest dog Roxy was there. When teams were asked to work during Covid to assist our first responders, Roxy was there, always there, to share and help and make a difference. Roxy frequently participated in a Read with Me program so the children from a local therapy center could read with the amazing dogs. She visited Nevada State College, UNLV, CSN when the stress from midterms and finals were weighing heavily on the students. Many people from out of town got to meet with Roxy during one of the many conventions she attended to comfort those missing their pets back home. Countless employee wellness visits and our regular clients at Boulder City and Southern Hills hospitals were among her favorites. She has been featured on several local news segments such as Fox 5, Channel 8 and News 3, in the local Pet Scene magazine and the local newspaper.

It is too difficult to list all the ways in which Roxy impacted on our community. There are outstanding therapy pets but there was just something extra special about Roxy. They say the greatest therapy animals are born not made and Roxy’s photo would be next to that definition. Roxy helped Bunny become one of our most requested pets for therapy visits. Roxy also taught her younger sister Pixie everything she knows about being a calm, steady and predictable therapy dog. Her legacy will live on with Pixie following in her pawprints.