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Get Active and Support Therapy Animals at the World's Largest Pet Walk

Chelsea Glick

Are you an animal lover looking for a fun way to stay fit and give back? Join hundreds of pet owners, animal enthusiasts, and charity supporters by participating in the 7th annual Pet Partners World’s Largest Pet Walk, presented by Wellness Pet Company. This pet-friendly fundraising event benefits the amazing Pet Partners Therapy Animal Program which brings joy and comfort to millions each year through impactful time spent with therapy animals.

The World’s Largest Pet Walk is the perfect activity for anyone who enjoys getting active with their animal companions while supporting an incredible cause. From reducing stress to improving heart health, walking with your pet provides numerous mental and physical benefits:

Top 5 Benefits of Walking:

  1. Support your immune system: Walking keeps your respiratory system strong by increasing blood flow and strengthening your antibodies, ultimately reducing the likelihood of catching the flu or other respiratory infections.
  2. Strengthen your heart: Walking reduces your risk of heart disease by strengthening your heart muscle and lowering your resting heart rate, blood pressure, and cholesterol.
  3. Boost your mental health: Walking releases mood-improving endorphins such as serotonin which results in reduced anxiety, stress, and depression and can even improve your self-esteem and enjoyment of social interactions.
  4. Improve your sleep: On average, a working adult in the United States gets less than 6.5 hours of sleep each night, even though the recommended amount is 7-8 hours. By walking 20-30 minutes a day, studies show you will fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and build new neural pathways in your brain resulting in you waking up more restful and improving your brain health.
  5. Ease your joint pain: Though it may seem backwards, walking reduces arthritis-related pain and can prevent arthritis by strengthening the muscles surrounding your knee and hip joints.

This inclusive event welcomes all ages, abilities, and pet species – you don’t need to be a registered therapy animal team to participate. Choose your own level of activity, whether it’s a leisurely neighborhood stroll or adventurous hiking trail.

5 Fun Ways to Get Involved:

  1. Traditional Walk: Invite your friends, coworkers, family, and pets to join you for a walk on a day, location, and time of your choosing.
  2. Wine-and-Walk: Get your 21+ friends together and host a walk-and-sip event. Ask people to donate ahead of time as a way of ‘buying’ a ticket then pick a date and walk from house to house enjoying a glass and an appetizer or ask a few local bars/restaurants to sponsor your event and donate some goodies for you all to enjoy.
  3. Walkathon: Like your childhood walkathon, ask people to donate a certain amount for every mile you walk with your pet, keep track, walk the walk, raise the money, and impress yourself with how far you can go.
  4. Scavenger Hunt: Collect donations from some of your favorite local companies, hide them in your yard or a park, and ask your friends and family to run around looking for these prizes. Such a fun activity for families and pets.
  5. Lunch-and-Walk: Companies are always looking for fun and creative ways to bring employees together to bond and enjoy their time at work, so why not ask your work to host a walk? This can be done during lunch, after work, over the weekend, or whenever is best for you and your coworkers.

This pet walk is a perfect bonding experience and charity event for your neighborhood group, workout class, sorority or fraternity, civic organization, alumni association, sports team, dog daycare clients, school club, and more.

Not only will you get quality exercise and bonding time with your pet, but your participation and fundraising efforts directly support therapy dogs and other therapy animal teams. These amazing animals and their volunteer handlers provide comfort, joy, and socialization for people in hospitals, nursing homes, schools, and more.

Don’t miss this chance to get active outdoors, make memories with your pet, support an incredible cause, and join a large community event. Register today on the Walk website or contact [email protected] to start planning your local walk. Let’s make a difference by walking miles for smiles!