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Pet Partners Pet of the Year 2024: Nominations Now Open!

Chelsea Glick
pets of pink carpet for event
pets of pink carpet for event

Join us as we kick off our 3rd annual Pet Partners Pet of the Year fundraising event! This exciting six-week fundraising competition honors the furry, feathered, and scaled companions who make our lives better. Do you think your dog stands out from the pack? Your feline friend has amazing cat-itude? Or your horse is ready to gallop into the spotlight? Then nominate your pet for Pet of the Year! All species are welcome!

How Does Pet of the Year Work? 

pet of the year dog with bandana

Any animal can be nominated—whether or not they are a current or retired Pet Partners therapy animal, a beloved pet, or even much-loved animals who have crossed the rainbow bridge. Between February 5 and March 18, we will encourage you to brag loudly, post widely, and fundraise on behalf of your wonderful pet. The national title of Pet Partners Pet of the Year is awarded to the pet whose fundraising team raises the most funds by the end of this six-week competition. All money raised will support the Pet Partners Therapy Animal Program, which registers, educates, and supports therapy animal teams.  

What Are You Fundraising For? 

Each year hundreds of pet candidates representing a variety of species have been nominated, and their humans enthusiastically fundraise on their behalf. The competition can get fierce, but it is all for a truly worthy cause. Every dollar raised is a dollar more for our Therapy Animal Program! 

If you’ve never fundraised before, that is OKAY! Our 2023 Pet of the Year winner Rye Guy had never been in a fundraising competition either and his human Lindsey raised over $14,000 through creativity and passion! You never know what you can achieve, so why not nominate your wonderful pet today? 

What does the Pet of the Year win? 

The top three candidates who raise the most funds will each win hundreds of dollars worth of prizes, like chew toys, treats, automatic feeders, and custom-made leashes. Their hardworking humans will be awarded prizes like Yeti products, Apple Airtags, Pet Cube cams, and more.  

Nominate your own pet or someone else’s special pet now and let’s get this fantastic fundraising competition started!