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Treats & Sweets Day 2024: Bake up Some Love!

Chelsea Glick
young girl baking with dog on kitchen counter
young girl baking with dog on kitchen counter

Join us in the tastiest fundraiser of the year! Treats & Sweets Day is an annual fundraising event that celebrates the sweetest day of the year, National Therapy Animal Day.  

How Does Treats & Sweets Day Work?


Treats & Sweets Day is a chance to bake and sell treats and sweets in celebration of National Therapy Animal Day! These treats can be for

 people, pets, or both! Participants from around the world can register by visiting our Treats & Sweets Day website. Events can be scheduled on April 30 in celebration of National Therapy Animal Day, or pick any day this Spring that works for you and your sweet-toothed customers.

Woman in chef's hat holding therapy dog

Invite family and friends to support Pet Partners by making donations and attending your Treats & Sweets Day event or bake sale. After setting up an individual or team fundraising page online, you can effortlessly share the news with friends and family. Moreover, you can effectively manage your page and increase crucial awareness about the role of therapy animals.

What is National Therapy Animal Day? 

National Therapy Animal Day takes place on April 30 each year and was created by Pet Partners to recognize all exceptional therapy dogs and other therapy animals who bring comfort and joy to those they visit. Therapy animals support people all over the country, from children learning to read to seniors in retirement communities and veterans participating in physical therapy.  

Above all, we are so grateful to all our registered therapy animal teams and the wonderful work they do! National Therapy Animal Day celebrates their efforts and successes.  

What Are You Fundraising For? 

As a nonprofit organization, Pet Partners relies on the generosity of individuals to support and sustain our Therapy Animal Program. All donations made to Treats & Sweets Day will go to supporting these wonderful therapy animal teams who share their love through the human-animal bond.  

However, maybe you’ve never fundraised before, but that is OKAY! We are here to help you rise up and provide you with anything you may kneed! Reach out to [email protected] for assistance.

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