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Q&A with Board Chair and Monthly Donor Dana Brooks

Chelsea Glick
A woman sits with her dog on a red bench.
A woman sits with her dog on a red bench.

Dana Brooks is a dedicated member of the Pet Partners board of directors and a monthly donor. As a professional in the pet industry, Dana has always had a passion for animals and animal-assisted interventions (AAI).

How did you learn about Pet Partners and why did you get involved?

“I learned about Pet Partners after I became the CEO of the Pet Food Institute in 2018. The previous CEO was on the Pet Partners board, and she spoke highly of the organization and invited me to join her for one of their meetings. I was overwhelmed by the passion and commitment of the Pet Partners staff, the therapy rabbit team who visited, and the other directors. When I was asked to fill in for my predecessor on the board, I was thrilled!”

What is your favorite part of the Therapy Animal Program?

“It is a beautiful experience to see and hear about how a Pet Partners team impacts a person or family in need, whether it is a child learning to read or a lonely senior excited for furry affection. Lives are improved and changed by the Therapy Animal Program.”

What is your dream for the growth of Pet Partners

 and the field of AAI?

A woman and her dog sit in a gray chair.

“We must grow the number of Pet Partners therapy teams in order to serve more people, communities, and institutions that desperately need and deserve the support of therapy animals. I am truly inspired by our handlers and the pets they partner with and hope to someday become a team with my own pet. Pet Partners is the gold standard and I hope more people and pets volunteer in 2024.”

What inspired you to donate?

“Organizations like Pet Partners can only continue to engage in their valuable work when given financial resources. I believe strongly in their mission and what they are doing. Therefore, I felt giving monthly was the right thing to do, and I love that Pet Partners makes it so easy. You can set up automatic donations with your credit card or as a draft from a bank account.”

The Importance of Giving

Pet Partners is thankful for our dedicated donors who help ensure our amazing therapy animal teams reach the people who need our support most. Within our family of supporters is a special group of monthly donors who enable Pet Partners to plan for a brighter future and make more meaningful connections through the unconditional love of therapy animals.

Join Dana by becoming a monthly donorsupporting more therapy animal teams and those they visit!