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Q&A with Volunteer and Monthly Donor Rosario Rogasch

Chelsea Glick

Rosario Rogasch first became a registered therapy dog handler back in 2005 when Pet Partners was still known as Delta Society and a much smaller organization. For almost two decades, she has been a dedicated pet therapy volunteer with four different therapy dogs and a long-term monthly donor.  

How did you learn about Pet Partners and why did you get involved?

therapy animal dog kissing client

My dog Callie and I had been mentored by the California community partner group, Paws 4 Healing. The members were very helpful and knowledgeable, and I learned a great deal about what it was to be a therapy animal team. In 2005, Callie and I passed our first evaluation and became registered with what was then known as Delta Society, now Pet Partners.     

Years later, Hansel and I continue to give our time, talent, and treasure because it is our way of giving back to a supportive community, in hopes of contributing to the uplifting of life and dignity, making the world a better, kinder, and gentler place to be in. After all, just how could a wagging tail, butt wiggle, wet nose, or waving paw not light up a place and brighten the day?” 

What inspired you to become a monthly donor? 

“Through these many years as a volunteer Pet Partners team, witnessing the transformation of patients, students, and many people’s hearts, minds, and spirits by these therapy dogs at work has certainly proven the profound impact these furry friends make on social, mental, physical, and physiological health. Sustaining these benefits entails costs, and so I choose to donate to these life enhancing teams. It is moving to see the graces, smiles, and blessings the therapy animals can bring to those they engage with. I wanted to ensure the reach of therapy animals grow, therefore I donate monthly.” 

What is your favorite part of the Therapy Animal Program?

“In addition to the Therapy Animal Program’s mission and values, the extensive insurance coverage the therapy animal teams are provided by Pet Partners goes hand-in-paw as a favorite part of the Program.” 

What is your dream for the growth of Pet Partners and the field of Animal-Assisted Interventions? 

“I hope to see Pet Partners maintain its high standards and recognition as the premier national therapy animal volunteer-based organization and continue to support and welcome AAI professionals.” 

Join Rosario by becoming a monthly donor – help support more therapy animal teams and the people and communities in need they visit! 

The Importance of Our Monthly Donors 

Pet Partners is thankful for our dedicated donors who help ensure our amazing therapy animal teams reach the people who need our support most. Within our family of supporters is a special group of monthly donors who enable Pet Partners to plan for a brighter future and make more meaningful connections through the unconditional love of therapy animals. Become a monthly donor today!